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As an independent repairer, competitive quotes or repairs can be provided on all brands of pool pumps and electric motors. Being a qualified electrical fitter, the proprietor is licensed to do insurance claims. Insurance claims/quotes are welcomed. Please note that a minimum surcharge applies to all quotes that are not repaired.

Pool pump motors often only require a simple part replacement to enable the pump to work again. Some pumps may require a total rebuild of the electric motor as well as motor rewinding. Motors can be repaired and returned to the customer within a couple of days (depending on the availability of parts). It is important to remember that in repairing any pumps or electric motors, the customer is actually helping to recycle the raw materials used in manufacturing these items. By throwing these items away & purchasing new items (possibly unnecessarily) the old items take up much needed space in landfills.

When rebuilding a pool pump or electric motor, great care is taken in cleaning and inspecting all parts. The stator windings are revarnished using a tropic proofing compound. If required, motors can be rewound to Class F (155 C) using high quality conductors & insulation. Motor bearings, capacitors and pump seals are always replaced. Pump parts are sourced from the manufacturer to ensure quality. All repaired pool pumps are bench tested rigorously before dispatch, painted with high quality enamel paint and include a 12 month limited warranty (conditions apply). All electrical work performed on equipment is tested to ensure that it complies in accordance with the prescribed procedure requirements of the Electrical Act and Regulation 2002.

Please be aware that most pool installers do not usually provide covers for pool pumps against the weather. A pump cover can greatly lengthen the life of a pool pump. The pump should be positioned to ensure storm water drainage does not cause any problems. Every pump requires regular maintenance and must never be allowed to run dry or without sufficient water. A brand new expensive pump can be ruined very quickly if primed incorrectly or run without sufficient water.

Depending upon the size and brand of pool pump, they generally can be repaired or re-built for around $175 plus GST (for bearings, capacitor and pump seal) or less. Additional costs may be incurred if other repairs, replacement baskets or other parts are required. These types of costs on repairs are usually still well below some pump replacement costs, especially if the existing pump would be replaced with another brand, requiring plumbing adjustment and barrel union replacement. A quote is provided to the customer prior to any repairs being carried out.